What is a Forum?

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What is a Forum?

Message  Admin le 12/11/10, 12:49 pm

Simple and obvious rules to follow for the proper functioning of this forum.

1 - Politeness and respect
No need to say more, it's the least we can do.

2 - No useless message (flood)
This term refers to the fact (or action) to send such a quantity of messages, that the forum will be saturated and become unusable.

3 - Avoid language such as SMS and heal your spelling
Express yourself simply and correctly, so that everyone understands you ...
Similarly, to be readable, do not write in color.
No subject headings or messages in all caps.

4 - Good topic
Choose carefully the section in which post your message. One topic will be posted in the wrong place at best inappropriate, at worst, deleted.
Thank you also to make the effort to investigate whether there is not a subject containing the same information.

5. About the Displaced
Homophobia, sexism, racism, insults, harassment, and whatnot disgusting pictures of the same order have no place here and those they are directed against the stakeholder forum or outsiders.
Homosexuality, politics, religion and other subjects are not prohibited as long as they will be addressed in a reasonable and constructive.

6 - Legality
We ask that you do not post links to sites scanlation, fansub, streaming and other digital music stores illegal.

7. Spam & Advertisements
Spam and proselytism are obviously different person.
You can put a link to your website / blog in your signature or in a timely manner in a conversation if it's relevant.

Now you can play...

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